Carbencal 500 SC

General information: systemic, preventive and curative fungicide of broad spectrum for a variety of crops. It has contact action thus it prevents the penetration of pathogen fungi. It is also used when the infection has recently taken place.

Chemical group: Benzimidazole

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Carbencal 500 S.C.

Active principle:




Formulation: Concentrated suspension










Moment(s) of application: preventive treatment

Wheat: in flowering during anthesis.

Rice: Rice blast fungus, during booting (leaf sheath swollen) and after panicle emergence.

Other diseases: after panicle emergence and 15 days after that. Citrus: First application during the flower bud stage, second application when petals fall. Soybean: During R2 and R4 stage according to the given conditions or during the first presentation in the field or nearby field.

Number, frequency or spacing of application if applicable: depends on the disease development and on the indications of the Agronomist.

Mode of application: Spraying, diluted in water. Load half the sprayer tank or airplane auxiliary tank with clean water. Add CARBENCAL 500 S.C. according with the dose and the consumption per hectare. Fully fill the tank. During operations, keep the stirrer moving. Avoid loading the application machines with water from natural streams or superficial sources. It should always be done through intermediary containers.

Method of application: Use terrestrial or aerial sprayers. The foliage must be covered correctly. During aerial applications, use at least 40 L of mixture per hectare.