Jaguar 6.9 EW

General information: JAGUAR 6.9 E.W. is a selective postemergent herbicide that controls specially Avena fatua (balango) in wheat and barley.

Chemical group: Ariloxifenoxipropionate


Jaguar 6.9 E.W.

Active principle:





Formulation: Water oil emulsion






Mixing method: Pour clean water in the application tank up to one half of its capacity. Then add JAGUAR 6.9 E.W. following the recommended dose and application rate of the equipment. Complete with water. Keep the stirring device operating during the whole process.

Application method: Calculate the volume to be applied per hectare. Calibrate the equipment in order to have a correct application. 25 to 30 drops per cm2 should be achieved. Don’t use more than 100 liters of mixing solution per hectare.  Avoid diminishing speed, double applications or any other maneuver that could end up in excessive product application.

Compatibility: it is compatible with herbicides used to control broad leaf weeds such as 2,4-D and others. Asking an agronomist is advised when mixing products.

Preventing resistance generation: it is recommended crop rotation or using JAGUAR 6.9 E.W. combined with other herbicides with different modes of action in order to minimize the appearance of tolerant biotypes of different weeds.

Re-entry time: not less than 24 hours.