Solid glyphosate enhancer

General information: high purity ammonium sulphate is the most effective glyphosate enhancer, mainly in applications using medium hard or hard water. Designed to maximize the efficiency of the herbicide using the dose recommended by manufacturers, so it is therefore unnecessary to add supplementary amounts to compensate any loss caused by hard waters.

Properties: it induces GLYPHOSATE – NH4 formation, which has high penetration, absorption and translocation on vegetable tissues. It captures and immobilizes cations Ca ++ and Mg ++ from hard waters that inhibit glyphosate action and other herbicides such as 2-4S amine /Ca++ and Mg++ form salts with ion SO4= decreasing its ability to merge with glyphosate or 2-4D). It regulates pH of the solution. Reduces losses caused by washing.

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Composition: Ammonium Sulphate 99% in crystals.

Formulation: soluble crystalline granules.

Presentation: 25 kg bag.

Dose: 1 kg/100 liters of water.

If the water is extremely hard, the dose could be increased up to 2 kgs.

Mode of application: add the enhancer before adding the glyphosate. Load the spray or storage tank with the necessary water. Add ammonium sulfate in crystals using the recommended dose, shake until it dissolves (3-4 minutes). Add the recommended dose of glyphosate and mix it until you have a homogenous solution. Avoid using superficial waters (creeks, ponds, etc.). Generally, such waters have soil particles that inhibit glyphosate action. It cannot be reversed with adjuvants.