Restorer 183 S.E.

General information: systemic fungicide used to control foliar diseases in several crops. It has a preventive, curative and eradicating effect. It combines two active principles: Pyraclostrobin and Epoxiconazole.

Chemical group:
Pyraclostrobin  – Strobilurin
Epoxiconazole – Triazole

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Restorer 183 S.E.

Active Principle




Formulation: Suspo-emulsion








Moment of application: In the case of wheat, when the first symptoms are evidenced, especially during the booting stage to the heading stage to protect the flag leaf. In the case of soybean, once Asian soybean rust is detected or when it reaches R3 stage.

Number, frequency or spacing of application if applicable: Applications can be repeated if the inoculation, crop and environmental conditions are appropriate according to the suggestions of the Agronomist.

Compatibility and phytotoxicity: RESTORER 183 SE can be mixed with most products usually used in the crops to which it is recommended. In case of doubt, carry out a test before its application in a small sample to test its compatibility with other phytosanitary and its phytocompatibility. Read the recommendations on the label of the product with which it is combined. If those recommendations are contrary to the recommendations on this label, do not mix the products. Do not apply the product at relative humidity lower than 60%, temperatures higher 29°C and winds higher than 10 km/hour.

Waiting period: wheat and barley: 35 days; Soybean: 15 days.

Re-entry period: Do not enter the crop until the applied product is dried.


Antidotes: It does not have. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. In case of intoxication call CIAT: telephone number 1722 from Montevideo and metropolitan area, and 21722 from the rest of the country. Go to the doctor and take the label, brochure or container with you.