Tiametox 350 FS

General information: systemic insecticide, which works through contact activity and ingestion, recommended to control a broad spectrum of sucking insects and other chewing insects through seed treatment products. It interferes with the nicotinic receptors (nicotinic acetylcholine receptor).

TIAMETOX 350 FS controls the above-mentioned plagues during germinations and the first stages of development. In some cases, control is prolonged to the whole period in which the disease affects the plant throughout the plant cycle. It has rapid absorption. After germination, it goes directly to growing organs, protecting the seedling which results in the plant development.

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Active principle:


Chemical group:  Neonicotinoid.



(*) – It repels ants.

Moment(s) of application:  seed treatment before planting.

Preparation method and application technique: dilute the dose in 0.5 and 2 liters of water every 100 kg of seeds or the necessary amount to form a smooth mixture which allows a proper application on the seed surface. Use specialized equipment to obtain better results. In the case of rotating drums, mix during 3 minutes to obtain a correct distribution. TIAMETOX 350 FS, once diluted, it must be applied to seeds within a 24 hours period.