Back in 1984 inoculant producer Calister S.A was founded with a strong emphasis on biotech developments. Over the years the company has been involved in a number of projects, for which the company now holds:

– 18 Rhizobium inoculants registers, peat and liquid based.
– 2 Rhizobium preinoculated seed process registers.
– 1 record of grass inoculant based on Azospirillum.
– 4 bacterial bioprotectors.

Moreover, the company is currently participating in the following inter-institutional research projects:

– “Development of inoculants to increase the mobilization ofphosphorus inputs in agricultural production.” – ALI_1_2014_1_5046 Alliance Project

– “Evaluation of native strains for the development of a competitive and efficient Rhizobial inoculant for white clover focused on soils with parasitic rhizobia.” INIA (for its acronym in Spanish, stands for National Livestock and Agriculture Research Institute) and FPTA (for its acronym in Spanish, stands for Agricultural Technology Promotion Fund)

– “ORT 16 –Prototyping of supports for optimizing sporulation of fungi in liquid medium in the production of industrial scale bio-inoculants.