Calister’s quality policy is to provide high quality agro-solutions to differentiate through the provision of a reliable and excellent service.

The company implements its quality policy as follows:

  • Listening to our customers
  • Always providing a rapid response
  • Generating products and services with emphasis on safety, simplicity and convenience for the customer
  • Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers
  • Following the satisfaction of shareholders
  • Meeting specifications and standards of our products as well as legal and regulatory requirements
  • With order, organization and cleanliness in our facilities.
  • Supporting staff  development through involvement  and, training policies
  • Incorporating quality-conscious staff with dedication to service.
  • Fostering a work that encourages to question our way of conducting activities and allows for continuously improving our management system.
  • Developing technologies and products that positively impact on the environment and using inputs and raw materials that minimize the consumption and / or contamination of natural resources.

Calister obtained certification ISO 9001:2000  in November 2004. The Company is currently enrolled in the third three-year improvement cycle and version 9001:2008.

Application Scope: Production, design, marketing, after sales service and support processes for all products and services.