“Being recognized inUruguay and in the region as a leader company in the development and marketing of agriculture-oriented  products.”


“The mission of Calister is to provide technological alternatives and inputs for the agricultural sector with added value by acting as a reliable and committed partner.”

New challenges with traditional values.

Founded in 1984 by its current directors, Calister SA was born supported on values that have deepened over time: a strong commitment to its customers, the conviction of being able to generate a self-anchored expansion road based on the capacity of its technical team and a form of relationship with its staff that facilitates their strong involvement in actions of continuous improvement.

Throughout nearly three decades of existence, Calister SA has faced continuous challenges in the commercial and technological areas, as well as in adapting to a changing macroeconomic framework that has characterized the country and the region. These challenges have been the fuel to expand its lines of action, from the production of inoculants in the beginning, to become what it is today, a company that continues to evolve in biotechnology, with the ability to produce complex chemical products.

In this way, Calister now has a wide portfolio of products for the agricultural sector, many of them self-designed.

Company’s formal and informal relationships with major players in the areas of innovation, national and international research, suppliers, colleagues and agricultural enterprises – individual or nucleated in associations – has facilitated the interpretation of the changing needs and demands of a growing sector and then   defining products and services.

Today, new projects and challenges will surely mark a new stage, in addition to processing the necessary generational change with optimism and appealing to original values aiming at more quality, service, integration, participation and confidence in the chosen path.

José Juan Díaz                 Guillermo Arrospide