The process of research and development (R & D) is fed with the needs of our clients, which are captured in the daily contact in the commercial and technical areas. Other sources are the company’s participation in national and international events sponsored by different institutions, allowing to make prospective on the problems and needs.

The Research and Development Department consists of four Agronomists, two Pharmacists and a BA in Biochemistry working permanently in the generation of products, new applications, technology generation, validation and registration of products.

Company’s Research and Development is done in different ways, from processes taking place within the Company to participation in joint projects with other institutions among which the most important are INIA, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Chemistry and, Faculty of Sciences.

The Company currently has technological cooperation agreements with companies from Argentina, Canada / USA and China.

A chapter of this process is all about the stage of validation of processes and products which is made by the company’s team or through private consultants or institutions of reference particularly in the area of development.

It is noteworthy that the development process is covered by ISO 9001 certification and therefore subject to procedures described, standardized and audited.

In 2011 6 development processes were completed, culminating in products launched or to be launched and 1 development process with internal destination in the implementation of an ERP system.

In 2010 8 processes were completed. At present there are 15 ongoing projects, considering biological and chemical products.


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