Nitronat L

This inoculant began to be developed in Uruguay in 1993, taking into account the specific agro-ecological harvesting requirements in our country. The first evaluations were made during the 1996/97 harvest in the department of Soriano.

The official evaluation of the product made by the Laboratory of Soil microbiology and control of Inoculants of the M.G.A.P was carried out during the 1998/1999,1999/2000 and 2000/2001 harvests.

Results obtained:

  • Very good stability of the product, which means high concentration and survival of the inoculant bacteria during the period, in their original containers, in accordance with the quality levels required by the current legislation.
  • Adequate bacteria survival in the inoculated seed.
  • Adequate nodulation capacity under field conditions, in the absence of significant limiting factors.
  • Greater sensitivity to stress conditions, such as drought, during the establishment of symbiosis and greater sensitivity to seed treatments compared to traditional inoculants produced on sterile peats.

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Nitronat L

Technical Characteristics of the product:

  • Pure and stabilized strains of Bradyrhizobios specific for soybean
  • Strains selected and adapted to the growing conditions in Uruguay
  • Minimum concentration at the date of manufacture: 2000 million Bradyrhizobios/ml
  • Minimum concentration at the expiration date: 1000 million bradyrhizobios/ml.
  • Contains additives that adhere the bacteria to the seed and decrease the level of desiccation of the seeds.
  • No cold storage required