Repel 1000


General information: REPEL 1000 is a bird repellent for agriculture use; commonly in soybeans and rice to avoid having birds eating grown cotyledons and damaging panicle grains. The repellent effect is based on the following:

-birds vision distortion

-revolting effect in their digestive system causing vomits and diarrhea. Thus, once the birds experience discomfort, they avoid eating such food. Despite the mentioned effects, it is considered to be a slightly toxic product for birds.

Chemical group: Quinone derivative

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Repel 1000

Active principle:




Formulation: wettable dust









Moment of application: post-emergent treatment, in soybeans once the cotyledons emerge and in rice in panicles with grains at early dent stage or when birds are spotted eating.

Mode of application:
Post-emergent application: diluted in clean water. Load half the sprayer tank or airplane auxiliary tank with clean water. Add the product according with the Dose and the consumption per hectare. Fully fill the tank. Keep the stirrer moving. Avoid loading machines with water during application from natural streams or superficial sources. It should always be done through intermediary containers.

Number, frequency or spacing of application if applicable: considering it is a post-emergent treatment, if there is heavy precipitation after application and the crop has not passed its vulnerable stage, make a second application.