Seed Stick

General Information: Polymer with high adhesion and medium viscosity, recommended to improve adhesion of seed treatments, and/or fillers for the formation of uniform pellets. It has a high solubility in water and a very good final elasticity, ensuring the fast hydration of the seed and rapid emergence.

Seed Stick (colorless):  Download Datasheet >   |    Download Transport Sheet >

Red Seed Stick:   Download Datasheet >   |     Download Transport Sheet >

Blue Seed Stick:   Download Datasheet >   |     Download Transport Sheet > 


Applications: Seed pelleting (filler load)
Improve the adhesion of seed treatments.
Improve planting possibilities.
It is recommended to be used in combination with water-based dyes or pigments, in order to improve final termination of seed treatments.

Dose: Variable, depending on the type of treatment to be performed and seed species.