Escudo 247 SC

General information: broad spectrum, systemic and contact insecticide formulated to control insects at nymph and adult stage. In the case of lepidoptera in the larvae and adult stage. It acts by contact and ingestion causing alterations in the nerves impulses transmission as it blocks sodium channels. It has a good repellence power.

Chemical group:
Lambda Cyhalotrina: Pyrethroid
Thiamethoxan: Neonicotinoid.

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Escudo 247 S.C.

Active principle:




Formulation: emulsifying concentration.








Mode of application: Load half the sprayer tank with clean water. Add ESCUDO 247 CE according with the dose and the consumption per hectare. Fully fill the tank. During operations and spraying, keep the stirrer moving. The product has to penetrate the lower parts of the crop in order to act appropriately. In aerial applications, use small drops compatible with the evaporating conditions. Use between 100 and 200 liters of water per hectare for terrestrial applications and 40 liters per hectare for aerial applications. Use adjuvant to enhance effectiveness of application (Fixfilm in 200ml/100 liter of solution).

Application method: use sprayer equipment. Calculate the volume to ensure an appropriate coverage of crop and soil. Do not make aerial applications at a distance lower than 500 meters in any urban or suburban area or populated area. Do not make mechanized terrestrial applications on extensive crops (cereals, oilseeds, forage crops) at a distance lower than 300 meters in any urban or suburban area or populated area. Do not make applications to any crop at a distance lower than 30 meters or 10 meters in aerial or terrestrial application respectively in natural (rivers, stream and creeks) or artificial water sources (lakes, lagoons, dams and ponds).

Compatibility: compatible with most phytosanitary products commonly used in soybean. In case of doubt, carry out a test in a small sample before using it. No phytotoxicity.

Waiting period: 30 days in soybean.

Re-entry period: Once the spray has dried over the plants, leave it dry for 24 hours. Wash the clothes and body parts that had contact with forage.

Toxicological profile: TOXICOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION: Class II; MODERATELY HAZARDOUS PRODUCT (IPCS/WHO, 2006). No specific antidote.