Inhiquit 48 S.C.

General information: Inhiquit 48 S.C. is an insecticide that acts through ingestion. Its action inhibits chitin synthesis, thus the insect´s development is stopped. Therefore, treatment has to be carried out from oviposition to until L2 instar and beginning of L3 instar.

Chemical group: it belongs to benzoylureas group.

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Inhiquit 48 SC

Active principle:




Formulation: Concentrated suspension.










Mode of use: Mode of application: shake before opening. Half fill the sprayer tank with clean water. Add INHIQUIT 48 S.C according with the dose and consumption/ hectare. Fully fill the tank with water. During operations, keep the stirrer moving.

Method of application: use sprayer equipment. Ensure an appropriate coverage using sufficient volumes. Do not use less than 40 l/ha in aerial applications. The coverage should be at least 70 drops per cm2. Do not make aerial applications at a distance lower than 500 meters in any urban or suburban area or populated area. Do not make mechanized terrestrial applications on extensive crops (cereals, oilseeds, forage crops) at a distance lower than 300 meters in any urban or suburban area or populated area.

Compatibility: it is compatible with insecticides and fungicides of neutral reaction. In case of doubt, carry out a test in a small sample.

Waiting period: 30 days in every crop.

Toxicological profile: Toxicity scale: IV (four) IPCS/WHO 2004. No antidote.