General information: It is a film-forming and non-ionic wetting agent that can be incorporated to phytosanitary products (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, defoliants, repellents and foliar fertilizers) whenever good adhesion and retention are required. Application should be close to raining periods, and used in areas with spray irrigation systems, protecting products sensitive to degradation and volatilization. It has a strong moisturizing action.

Chemical group: Ethoxylated fatty alcohols.

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Dose: For general use with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides from 50 to 100 cc/100 liters of mixture. Products with high adhesion and protection requirements such as repellents and some insecticides may require higher dose. 200 to 300 cc/100 liters of mixture.

Formulation: Liquid.

Method of use: Can be used in terrestrial or aerial applications.

Mode of use:  Add to the solution after the phytosanitary to be used, preferably to ¾ of tank load. Shake to obtain a homogenous and fast solubilization. Do not carry out aerial applications at a distance lower than 500 meters from any urban or suburban area and/or populated area. Do not carry out mechanized terrestrial applications in extensive crops at a distance lower than 300 meters from any urban or suburban area and/or populated area.