Supermojante Siliconado

General information: Supermojante Siliconado Calister is an adjuvant made of non-ionized surfactants, silicone and ethoxylated alcohols, all of which have a low molecular weight, developed to enhance wetting capacity, surface spacing and agrochemical penetration in vegetable tissue. It reduces surface tension of agrochemical solutions to an extent that conventional wetting or surfactant cannot reach. This happens in a much lower extent than in conventional surfactants. It is recommended for vegetable surfaces that are difficult to wet, waxy, oily or with a small foliar area. When it is added to herbicides it accelerates the absorption, lowers the penetration timing, improves its effectiveness and reduces washing risks caused by rainfall after application.

Chemical group: Silicones and fatty alcohols.

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Active principle:





Dose: from 30 ml/100 liters of mixture in terrestrial applications.

From 50 ml/100 liter of mixture in aerial applications.

Formulation: Liquid.

Mode of application: Load ¾ of the tank with mixture with the stirrer moving.

Method of application: it is used with terrestrial or aerial equipment with the recommended water volumes for post emergent applications.