General information: CLE has wetting and dispersing properties, this allows the spray solution to effectively wet the plant surface favoring the absorption of systemic herbicides and foliar fertilizers. CLE increases the activity and effectiveness of herbicides, insecticides and other agrochemicals. Specially designed to optimize Glyphosate applications. It reduces the pH of the spraying solution and acts as water softener as it displaces Ca and Mg cations through the protonation of the solution. This prevents the negative effect of hard water on glyphosate’s action.

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Chemical group:
Organic acids (carboxylic acid ethyl).
Ethers (alquil aril polyglycol ether).

Active principle:








Formulation: soluble concentration.

Dose: When used only as a wetting adjuvant, use 60 milliliters of CLE per 100 liters of spray solution.








Mode of application: Fill the application tank with the recommended amount of water. First add CLE, and shake until the desired coloration is reached according to the pH scale attached. (Optimal range: pH 4 to 4.5). Finally, add the agrochemical that will be used.

Application Method: Terrestrial or aerial applications. Do not carry out aerial applications at a distance lower than 500 meters from any urban or suburban area or populated area. Do not perform mechanized terrestrial applications on extensive crops (cereals, oilseeds and forage crops) at a distance lower than 300 meters from any urban or suburban area and populated area.

Compatibility: Do not apply with agrochemicals subject to acid hydrolysis, such as sulfonylureas.

Minimum re-entry period: According to the indications of the main product, which accompanies CLE.