Super Oil

General information: adjuvant made up of methylated vegetable oil. Moisturizing, penetrative, adherent and anti-evaporative. SUPER OIL is a mixture of emulsifying methylated vegetal oil and surfactants developed as an adjuvant for spray application of agrochemicals. It increases the contact surface between the spray mixture and the vegetable surface (spreads). It can dissolve layers of cuticle, facilitating the agrochemical penetration. It improves the penetration of non-polar compounds such as most graminicides. Due to its oily capacity, it improves adherence and has anti-evaporating properties. It can be used in all crops as herbicides, fungicides or insecticides adjuvants. It works best in summer where there is high evaporation.

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Active Principle:





No Nonylphenols

Formulation: emulsifying concentration


  • Bag-in box 20 liters.
  • Drums 200 liters.






(*) Depending on the temperature and the humidity.

(**) Rotary applicator (Micronair AU5000).

Mode of application: load the application tank up to ½ or ¾ or its auxiliary tank and then add the agrochemicals. In terrestrial or aerial applications any nozzle can be used. Continuous shaking is preferred. It can be applied using backpack sprayer. Do not make aerial applications at a distance lower than 500 meters of any urban or suburban area or populated area.

Do not make mechanized terrestrial applications on extensive crops (cereals, oilseeds, forage crops) at a distance lower than 300 meters in any urban or suburban area or populated area. Do not make applications to any crop at a distance lower than 30 meters in natural (rivers, stream and creeks) or artificial water sources (lakes, lagoons, dams and ponds).