Radical 100 SC

General information: Radical 100 is a broad spectrum insecticide with neurotoxic action. It affects the central and peripheral nervous system of insects. Used to control nymph and adult sucking insects, and adult and larvae lepidoptera. It acts by contact or ingestion and it alters the transmission of nerves impulses by blocking sodium channels. It has repellent effect and residual activity. It has low photodegradation.

Chemical group: Pyrethroid

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Radical 100 S.C.

Active principle:




Formulation: Concentrated suspension











Moment of application: In case of a plague, when the amount of animals or the damaged threshold defined by the technical consultant is superseded.

Frequency of application: One or more applications depending on the plague evolution.

Mode of application: Load half of the sprayer tank with clean water. Add RADICAL 100 SC according with the dose and the consumption per hectare. Fully fill the tank. During operations, keep the stirrer moving. The product has to penetrate the lower parts of the crop in order to act appropriately. Use between 100 and 200 liters of water per hectare for terrestrial applications and 40 liters per hectare for aerial applications. Use adjuvant to enhance effectiveness of application (Fixfilm in 200ml/100liter of solution).

Method of application: Use sprayers, properly calculate the volume to properly cover the crop and soil. Avoid loading the machines with water from natural streams or superficial sources. It should always be done through intermediary containers.