Cuadriga 45 FS

General information: CUADRIGA 45 FS is a seed treatment fungicide made up of four active ingredients from different chemical families. It is used to broaden the spectrum of controlled pathogens, to increase fungicide action and to reduce the risk of generating pathogens resistance. It controls wheat and barley diseases, being extremely effective in controlling the fungal genus Pyrenophora.

Chemicial Group
Iprodione – Carboxamide
Carbendazim – Benzimidazole
Azoxystrobin – Strobilurin
Prothioconazole – Triazole

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Cuadriga 45 FS

Active principle:









Formulation: concentrated suspension for seed treatment












Moment of application: apply to the seed before sowing.

Compatibility and phytotoxicity: it is only applied to the seed, although it can be combined with recommended insecticides for applications in wheat and barley. In case of doubt, carry out a test before its application in a small sample to test physical-chemical compatibility as well as their phytocompatibility. Read the recommendations on the product´s labels to make possible combinations. If such recommendations are contrary to the recommendations sets forth on the label, do not mix.

Waiting period: it does not apply considering the moment of application.

Re-entry period: it does not apply considering the treatment suggested.

Preparation method and application techniques: shake the container before using it. Dilute the dose of CUADRIGA 45 FS in 0.5 – 1.0 liters of water every 100 kg of seeds, considering that the amount of mixture to be used will depend on the equipment, type of seed and its condition (cleanness, purity, etc.).