Fludiox Ultra TBZ

General information: Fludiox Ultra TBZ is a seed treatment fungicide for soybeans. It contains three active ingredients, thus it has a broad spectrum control. Fludioxonil is a contact fungicide that interferes with fungi spores’ germination. Metalaxyl has a systemic effect and it is absorbed by the seedling. It also inhibits growth of fungal hyphae on tissue. Tiabendazole provides a greater fusarium and Diaporte/Phomopsis control than formulations having only Fludioxonil-Metalaxyl. Tiabendazole interferes with the formation of microtubules and thus the division of fungi cells.The product controls seed fungi, seedling fungi and soil fungi.

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Chemical group:

Fludioxonil – Phenylpyrroles
Metalaxyl – Acilalanina
Tiabendazole – Benzimidazole

Fludiox Ultra TBZ

Active principle:

Fludiox Ultra TBZ-03







Formulation: Concentrated suspension for seed treatment


Fludiox Ultra TBZ-04











Mode of application: it is directly applied to the seed, diluted with water to allow for a correct distribution of the product. Do not use more than 1.5 liters in the total solution (product + water) every 100 kg of seed. Specialized seed treatment equipment is highly recommended when working with slurry preparations to ensure that the seed is properly coated. Shake before using.

Moment of application: Before planting, seed treatment.

Compatibility and phytotoxicity: If a seed treatment insecticide is necessary, please consult an agronomist. It is compatible with soybean inoculants if the indications on the inoculant labels are followed. Inoculate the seed after applying seed treatment product. It is not phytotoxic if used as stated.

Waiting period: Does not apply.

Re-entry period: Does not apply.


Antidotes: It does not have. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. In case of intoxication call CIAT: telephone number 1722 from Montevideo and metropolitan area, and 21722 from the rest of the country. Go to the doctor and take the label, brochure or container with you.