Metalseed 35 SC

General information: Metalseed 35 S.C. is a systemic fungicide applied to seeds with a specific and selective mechanism of action used to control fungi from Phycomicete group, specially Phythium.

Chemical group: Acilalanina.

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Metalseed 35 SC

Active principle:





Formulation: concentrated suspension.










Mode and method of application: it is directly applied to the seed and diluted with good amounts of water to properly distribute the product. Do not use more than 1.5 liters in the total solution (product + water) every 100 kg of seed. Specialized seed treatment equipment is highly recommended when working with slurry preparations to ensure that the seed is properly coated. Shake before using.

Moment of application: seed treatment before planting.

Compatibilidad: As Metalseed 35 SC can be mixed with other seed treatment products, before mixing carry out a compatibility and phytocompatibility test in a small sample.

Waiting period: Does not apply.

Re-entry period: Does not apply.