Envion + S.C.

General information: Envión + is a seed treatment fungicide made with three active ingredients to broaden the spectrum of controlled pathogens. It has contact and systemic action.

Chemical group:
Metalaxyl: Acilalanina.
Carbendazim: Benzimidazole.
TMTD/ Thiram: dithiocarbamate.

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Envion + S.C.

Envion +-03






Formulation: Concentrated suspension.


Envion +-04












Mode of application: dilute in 1 or 2 times its volume of water (300 – 600 cc every 100 kg of seed) and apply product.

Compatibility: If it is combined with an inoculant, first apply the fungicide and then the inoculant. It is not convenient to pre-mix both products. Make sure that the seed is fully covered by the mixture. Let it dry and proceed to sowing.

Toxicological profile: Toxicological classification: Class III. SLIGHTLY HAZARDOUS- (IPCS/WHO 2004). In case of intoxication call CIAT: telephone number (02) 1722 . Go to the doctor and take the label, brochure or container with you.