Envion Invierno SC

General information: it is a seed treatment made up of three active ingredients to broaden the spectrum of the pathogens controlled. It has contact and systemic action. The Iprodione boosts the seed treatment product to control the indicated barely diseases and yellow leaf spot of wheat.

Chemical group:
Iprodione: Dicarboximide.
TMTD: dithiocarbamate.
Carbendazim: Benzimidazole.

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Envion Invierno SC

Active Principle:

Envion invierno-03






Formulation: Concentrated suspension.


Envion invierno-04











Mode and method of application: Shake before using. Applied directly to the seed and diluted in water to properly distribute the product before planting. Specialized seed treatment equipment is highly recommended when working with slurry preparations to ensure that the seed is properly coated. Let it dry and proceed to planting.