Fludiox Forte

General information: Fludiox Forte is a seed treatment fungicide used to treat soybean. It is made up of two active ingredients that provide a broad spectrum control. It is a contact fungicide (given by the Fludioxonil) which interferes with the germination of fungi spores, as well as a systemic fungicide (given by the  Metalaxyl) which is absorbed by the seedling and inhibits the growth of fungal hyphae on tissue. It controls seed fungi, seedling fungi and soil fungi.

Chemical group
Fludioxonil – Phenylpyrroles
Metalaxyl – Phenylamide

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Fludiox Forte

Active principle

Fludiox Florte-03





Formulation: Concentrated suspension


Fludiox Florte-04











Mode of application: It is applied directly to the seed and diluted with water to properly apply the product. Do not use more than 1.5 liters in the total solution (product + water) every 100 kg of seed. Specialized seed treatment equipment is highly recommended when working with slurry preparations to ensure that the seed is properly coated. Shake before using.

Moment of application: seed treatment before planting.